Our Wandering Compass: Balanced. Authentic. Practical.

Balanced– Our travel writings will come from the both of us. From a male who doesn’t like to plan, is annoyingly spontaneous, and makes quick (and sometimes irrational decisions). Also from a female who is organized, structured, and likes to take the safer, slower route. Combined, we will attempt to give you unbiased, proportionate and level-headed advice on travel.

Authentic – In our spare time, we work in the technology and healthcare world. We don’t have a travel business (yet, inshallah?) and don’t get paid by anyone to write what we write (yet, inshallah?). We write because we want to because it’s something that is a part of our lives, lets us express ourselves and share our experiences with you. (Also, none of our posts and images will be the bikini-clad woman or speedo wearing man. I hope you are not disappointed by that!)

Practical – Have you ever seen videos were people give you travel reviews, riding around in chauffer driven-Mercedes with first-class tickets and penthouse suites? Well, maybe one day, but for now we live just like the rest of you – making enough to get by, but spending our time and money on what really matters. We won’t tell you about the sushi restaurant that costs $500 or the excursion that flies over the Bermuda triangle in a propellor-engine where you can skydive into a black hole for $5,000. Practical advice for the normal traveling couple.


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