Have you ever picked the “wrong” line in the airport, and got stuck behind a few people who had no idea how to get through airport security? Here are some tips to have you get through as fast as possible!

  1. When choosing the line, look for the one that has the most business travelers. By default, they travel more often and know the rules about liquids, laptops, and other restrictions. Find the most business travelers by looking for single suitcases, briefcases, and business attire.
  2. Take your shoes off last but place them in front of the rest of your luggage on the belt/security counter – this way, you spend less time on germ-infested floors from the college kids who don’t wear socks, and when you come out the other side, it’s the first thing you put back on.
  3. Have a dedicated place for all of your loose items – not in that upside-down captains hat they use for “little things”. Use either a vest, a fanny pack, or a travel wallet you can quickly access and stash your change, ID’s, passports, wallets, cell phones, headphones, etc in this SINGLE place, so that nothing gets lost, and you won’t be picking quarters and your watch out of a dirty bucket on the other side of the line.
  4. Start to put small things away, including your belt, before you get into the security line. (Hopefully your pants don’t fall down).
  5. According to this Washington Post article more and more airports are scrutinizing food products brought onboard, and asking travelers to take them out of their carry-on bags to be scanned in security. So keep your chips, snickers bar, home-made foods and other goodies handy if you want to travel with them.
  6. Order of Operations is important. Here is my normal security flow:
    1. First, remove your laptop and toiletry bag. Make sure these are easily accessible. Remember laptops ALWAYS go in their own bin.
    2. Place your heaviest piece of luggage on the counter first, so that you can take it down first at the end and the rest of your bags/backpack, jackets etc. can go on top of it as they come out.
    3. Next, remove your back/pack second bag
    4. Then remove your jacket / hoodie / satchels
    5. Then take off your shoes and belt, if you haven’t already and place the shoes in front before you push your luggage through!
    6. Now when you leave – everything is ready for you to pick up  and put back on in the most efficient way!
  7. Whence you get pulled over for “Random” screenings, you can always request some privacy or to have a male / female assist you in security. Several years ago the TSA was in trouble for screening passengers bodies through the detectors, and were sharing 3D images of travelers with their buddies. I don’t think they can do this anymore but request manual screening if this idea still bothers you.
  8. Pay attention to what is being asked by TSA personnel. They often shake things up by asking you NOT to remove your shoes. There are ample signs posted on what needs to be removed from your bag or thrown away. If you are unsure just ask.
  9. This should be number one but FOLLOW THE RULES! Even if you don’t agree, this isn’t the time to get into a disagreement with a TSA officer over which bin to put your neck pillow in – unless you are keen on missing your flight that is.


Written by ourwanderingcompass

We are a young couple who are passionate about travel. We created this page to share our experiences, stories and travels with you. You can also find us on social media. Muz Instagram @themuslimtravelguy Tania Instagram @taniayousafphotography

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