You and your buddies are planning a trip together. Let’s go to Vegas! Let’s go camping! Let ‘s go to NYC! A WhatsApp group is created. Excitement ensues. Everyone has good intentions. A few weeks go by – and what happened next? Yep, absolutely nothing!

Why does this happen, so often, and to so many people? Its quite simple, and obvious. If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure this out, we’ve written up this post to help you get your trips not only dreamed up but lived up.

1. It’s all about the date regarding flight options. I know this might seem underrated. Sometimes, you have found the right date, but the flight tickets are insanely high. Other time the opposite happens. Find a time that works for everyone, and if you are leaving for a trip, prioritize for yourself. This way, if worst case scenario happens and no one else can make the trip, at least you still get to go.

2. Use something like or a google calendar to mark dates and when people can go. I will advise you, however, that doodle can also become a nightmare. You’ll have to spend hours getting people to reply, or explaining to people what it is, where the email went, and God forbid someone’s answer changes 🙂

3. If you don’t know where to go, has a world map of prices to different destinations from your home city. You can, for example, look up flights from Seattle, WA to different cities, countries, and continents for different times of the year. One time, I had set a budget for $1500 for a flight per person to travel internationally, and we ended up going to Malaysia!

4. Hotels are so easy to find, and there are so many options (way more than fight/city options) that we recommend you book the hotel afterward. The flight locks in your dates and time that you’ll be traveling and allows you to figure out any layovers, if needed. I always use trip advisor and then sort by city and user reviews. I look for location and comfort first, amenities and others later. Location will change your price point. Based on the time you are there, taking uber / lyft / cabs might make more sense, but its also a lot more annoying and it can eat up at your time and budget.

5. Activities are the majority of why people travel, but as time has gone on, I have found myself spending much less time doing activities and trying to get from one highlight to the next, to spending more time exploring and being spontaneous. I like to have 1-3 main places/spots I want to visit per day, closer to 1 than to 3. This allows you much more flexibility with time and being able to see and do things, not on yelp/trip advisor.

So the next time you and your friends are planning a trip together, remember – its all about the date and flight options! NOTHING will happen until that is settled.

Good luck and happy traveling!


Written by ourwanderingcompass

We are a young couple who are passionate about travel. We created this page to share our experiences, stories and travels with you. You can also find us on social media. Muz Instagram @themuslimtravelguy Tania Instagram @taniayousafphotography

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